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Will the increased pension for the elderly contribute to a better life?

Monday, September 5
“No, it definitely won’t have any encouragement on me and my husband’s monthly expenses because the more they increase our pension the more the food and product prices become higher. Even though we have had 160 GEL together it was hardly enough for the medicines and the most elementary products.”
Nina, Pensioner, 63

“The increase of our pension is always immediately followed by an increase of prices on daily products so what’s the use of this, I just wonder... ”
Jujuna, Pensioner, 64

Everything is more expensive now than it was before and our authorities' so-called “ goodwill” is really funny and to say the truth makes me furious. They have increased all tariffs which should or shouldn't be increased and now added GEL 10 on our pension and it seems they want us to thank them for this…”
Natela, Economist, 61

“I have no pension, however, my grandmother who lives in a village was glad and said that it would be a big relief for her.”
Salome, Student, 21

“Compared to former years, GEL 100 is really nothing now when you come into the shop. Very necessary products cost at least GEL 10-15 a day. I am a former policeman , veteran of war and have GEL 100 pension, when others , who served with me and retired earlier than me have GEL 300-- is it just and can our authorities be called authorities at all?"
Gela, Unemployed, 51

“It’s actually unfair because our Government brainwashes everyone with their artificial changes either at the political or social level. I don’t think that our grandparents will feel relief with the 15 GEL increase when the market economy is establishing its “malicious” rules.”
Nino, Journalist, 27

“Unfortunately this small increase doesn’t make any sense in comparison with the inflation rate in Georgia.”
Koka, Financial Manager, 31