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Good citrus harvests in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 8
It appears that in addition to hazel nuts, grapes, apples and other fruits, this year will be successful for citrus fruits as well. Farmers have observed that natural conditions have been especially favorable for producers in Georgia this year. Last year they harvested around 50,000 tonnes of citrus fruits, while this year the harvest is likely to double.

Georgian farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture should take serious steps to plan harmonious harvesting, distribution and exports. Since the harvest was small last year no problems were created, however this year special efforts will have to be made to organize exports without spoilage. There is also an urgent need to increase food processing facilities. A few steps are being taken to plan ahead. Approximately 40,000 tonnes will be exported to Ukraine, while Azerbaijan and Armenia will take 15,000 tonnes each. Citrus crops will also be exported to Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Hopefully these new steps will provide serious relief for Georgian farmers.