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Kulevi terminal construction issues

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 8
In the Georgian Black Sea coastal village of Kulevi, a natural gas liquefying terminal has been planned by Georgia, in coordination with the AGRI project, and in partnership with Azerbaijan and Romania. According to plans, Azeri natural gas will be pumped to Kulevi through the pipeline, then liquefied and transported to the Romanian port of Constance. It will then be pumped through pipelines to European consumers such as Hungary, Austria and other countries.

However, this is only a project on paper so far. Until recently the three countries have still been negotiating terms and looking for investors. Meanwhile, Russia has become interested in this type of project and Prime Minister Putin recently stated that Russia might create the same project in its territory. It can construct a similar liquefying terminal on its coast, pump gas directly from this and export it into Europe. AGRI project partners believe there is no threat for their project although the possibility exists.