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Thursday, September 8
President to visit Poland and Moldova

Poland is hosting an international economic forum where leaders of about 50 states are present. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili will arrive in the city of Kriniza too. President will deliver speech before the leaders of the participant states, economists and the representatives of non-governmental organizations. The conference is dedicated to the discussion of the economic cooperation between the European Union and the neighbor states.

Before the visit to Kriniza, Saakashvili will attend an economic forum of young leaders in Novi Sauch in Moldova and answer the questions of the audience. President will hold tete-a-tete meetings with the Prime Ministers of Poland and Moldova. (Rustavi 2)

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Georgia takes part in the 2nd Kazbegi Marathon

The marathon will take place on September 10th 2011, which is an exciting combination of experiencing magnificent scenery and enjoying participating in the race, regardless of who wins.

As announced, the Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. Guenther Baechler is among the first participants of this incredible marathon in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, situated at the dividing line between Asia and Europe. (Embassy of Switzerland)

IDPs get agricultural lands

168 IDP families residing in the village of Shavshvebi, Shida Kartli Region, were handed over 100 hectares of land area for agricultural works, where they will seed wheat and the harvest will wholly belong to them.

The project has been implemented within the program Agroculture Ana Bana and with the support of a Polish NGO and the government of Georgia. It aims at supporting farmers to produce the agricultural product of superior quality.

Minister of IDPs Koba Subeliani, regional governor Zurab Arsoshvili and the ambassador of Poland to Georgia, Ursula Dorozhevska attended the beginning of the agricultural works in Shavshvebi village today. (Rustavi 2)

Statement by Ministry of Defense

A helicopter MI-8 (belonged to the aviation base) was crashed in Khevsureti region during the video shootings on Tuesday. The pilot lost control over the helicopter during landing on the low altitude that was caused by the radical change in the wind direction. Alongside with the three crew members, shooting team consisted of eight Georgian and foreign citizens aboard. The health condition of the helicopter crew and the passengers is stable. Most of them have already left hospital. After several hours all of them will be discharged from hospital. The incident is under the investigation by the military police. (Rustavi 2)

Christian-Democrats demand insurance for all pensioners

Christian-Democrats are demanding the insurance for pensioners of all ages. Magda Anikashvili, MP said this in her meeting with pensioners in Telavi. She said that despite of increase of the pension to GEL 100 and all initiatives of CDM pensioners are still insecure.

"The government programs are now very ineffective. We demand to abolish such programs and the remained funds to use for the insurance of pensioners. We are talking about GEL 184 mn for 640 000 pensioners insurance policy. This would be identical to the BTL people's facilities. With the only difference in taking in to view the age of such people its need in medicines. This would be done easily form state budget, "- Anikashvili said.

Giorgi Akhvlediani said the faction will pose this question on agenda at the very first session of the Parliament. (GHN)

Nino Burjanadze denies information about her financing from Tariel Oniani

Nino Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement said she never got from Tariel Oniani, so-called criminal authority, USD 500 000.

"We and my family members have not met Tariel Oniani. We had no relationships with him. As well I have no willingness to meet with him. " - Burjanadze said in her interview with newspaper Alia commenting the revelation of WikiLeaks. Here, in the classified information leaked though the diplomatic channels WikiLeaks informs that former USA Ambassador to Georgia informed the USA State Department that he got an information , as if "Bitsadze (Burjanadze's husband got USD 500 000 form Tariel Oniani).

State Minister visited South Africa

State Minister for Diaspora Affairs, Papuna Davitaia paid official visit to the Republic South Africa. At the meetings with African business persons, the Minister discussed attraction of African investments to Georgia, exchange of information in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

Davitaia met with the businessmen interested to make investments in Georgia, one of the largest exporter companies from South Africa, Farm Secure Company authorities were among them. The company is the largest producer of fertilizers on the continent.

The sides agreed that the company would send its special representative to Georgia to get information about the business environment in the country. The company is also interested to purchase the minerals from Georgia, used for producing fertilizers. (Rustavi 2)

Three Georgians detained in Turkey

Three Georgians are considered to be among the smuggle suspects, who were detained by Turkish police a few days ago - Turkish media is reporting. The reports say three of the detainees, suspected of tobacco smuggling are the citizens of Georgia. The organized group used to import cigarettes excise free cigarettes from Bulgaria via Turkey to Georgia. Turkey`s police stopped their car after they crossed Turkey`s border and found a large amount of excise free cigarettes inside. (Rustavi 2)