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What are your predictions regarding 2012 Parliamentary elections in Georgia?

Thursday, September 8
“Our authorities have done their best not to make any serious changes in this field. I think that the National Movement will come to the power one more time with a majority and the opposition will be unable to oppose the current ruling force”
Nika, Economist, 34

“I am not very aware of political issues, but one thing I can say is that nothing can be said beforehand and no one can be sure of something as it is planned. Anything can happen. I hope that we would not have the same ruling power after 2012.”
Marina, Shop owner, 51

“Well, I don't expect any serious changes. In case the opposition manages to win over ambitions and unite, something might change, and the opposition might be better represented in Parliament, which is very important for Georgians. In such a scenario the majority will not be able to adopt any law they want.”
Nugzar, Historian, 58

“I am not very interested in politics but I think the elections won’t dramatically change the situation in the country and the United National Movement will still win.”
Tatia, Manager, 24

“If the opposition parties would at least conduct normal pre-election campaigns they may have their representatives in Parliament. I don’t approve of ignoring their mandates because even the dozens of opposition MPscould have at least some effect on decision-making.”
Magda, Dentist, 34

“I will try to be optimistic about the upcoming elections and hope that they won’t be falsified as usual.”
Temur, Driver, 47