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Georgia improves its competitive edge

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 9
A recent World Economic Forum Report compares the economic competitiveness of different countries. Georgia came in at 88th place in the ratings, five notches better than in recent years. The most competitive country is Switzerland with Singapore second and Sweden third. Of Georgia's neighbors Azerbaijan takes 55th place, Turkey 59th, Russia 66th, and Romania 77th.

Tendencies are positive however--Georgia has diversified its markets and exports are increasing.

Georgian wine exports are lower than before the Russian embargo, and though Georgian authorities claim the country exports greater quantities now than before the Russian embargo, figures revealed by the Department of Statistics show far different results. Quality, however, has improved. Since 2006 Georgian wines have not been sold in Russia yet the wine industry has managed to survive. As President Saakashvili pointed out, the embargo facilitated further improvement of the quality of Georgian wines and their appearance on the world market.

Moscow is ready to accept Georgian wine back into Russia though Georgians are now waiting--much depends on negotiations on Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization. If Russia joins, then Georgian winemakers will receive better conditions to return to the Russian market and this will increase export figures substantially.