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On average how much does it cost to begin a new academic year in schools/universities?

Friday, September 9
“It’s been long since I finished school or graduated from the university so I can’t even remember my expenses then, but as a matter of a fact school costs more for children today as far as I know.”
Keti, Lawyer, 24

“I am not familiar with school expenses today but I think one needs at least GEL 1500 to cover his/her first semester of university studies.”
Sandro, MA Student, 22

“GEL 300 would be enough for books and other stationary necessary for every school child or the student on average.”
Akaki, Economist, 34

“School expenses do not only include books--there are lots of things children or students need from school – The average cost for a child is nearly GEL 300- 400 and it increases each year.”
Nino, Dancer, 32

“Books, especially those we need at the university are very expensive. I need a minimum of 500 GEL for the beginning of this academic year."
Salome, Student , 21

“I don't have much connection with this as I graduated years ago and have no school-aged children, however my relatives frequently complain about the increased prices, especially as the economic situation of the country is very poor.”
Natia, Manager, 29

“Books are very costly, and there are plenty of other expenses such as transportation, lunch and other fees. Today education is extremely expensive, especially for university students. I graduated a few years ago, and up to 500 GEL was needed. Now I think it might be 800, considering inflation.
Paata, Credit Officer , 25