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Do you think Georgia needs the Russian market?

Tuesday, September 13
“Well, I think that we need the Russian market as Georgian products sell well there. At the same time, Russians recognize Georgian products and like them and demand for our products is higher in Russia than in any other state."
Giorgi, Economist, 32

“I think that we need the Russian market, indeed, we need it very much, however it is not easy to rely on them. If I were a businessman or the owner of a company I would not do business with Russians.”
Shota, Student, 20

"Our authorities frequently claim that the Russian market is no longer needed, which is really funny, as the Russian market would be the most profitable one for us. It is one of the largest markets with a serious demand for products which are produced in Georgia, no other market will replace the Russian one, as I see it.”
Zaal, Dentist, 43

“Yes definitely, why not? A market is a market everywhere if it creates an income for the state.”
Akaki,Economist, 21

“I don’t think we need to return to the Russian market especially after the shameful embargo on Georgian products in recent years.”
Gvantsa, PR Manager, 26

“No, no and no! It’s time that we say “good-bye” to everything Russian – they have damaged our mentality and grabbed our villages.”
Tatia, Bank Accountant, 31

“Well actually I’m neither a racist, nor a xenophobe so I won't categorically deny any cooperation with Russia. On the contrary, I think the August 2008 events should finally be solved in the most peaceful way. But the policy of our government doesn’t acknowledge such cooperation - they talk about Russia as the enemy. So if state officials refuse to make some positive steps in this relationship what can we, the ordinary citizens, change?”
Irakli, Lawyer, 47