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What kind of advice would you give to the authorities for developing the mountainous regions of Georgia?

Wednesday, September 14
“Well, first of all I think that the reconstruction process is really very nice, as the locals will no longer leave and they will have income, as tourists will visit those areas. My advice towards the authorities would be not to significantly change the look of those very beautiful and specific environments.”
Guram, Economist, 41

“First of all infrastructure should be developed there. Roads are dangerous and badly damaged. Secondly, they should assist the locals to launch some small businesses, like building hostels and to study a bit of English.”
Zaza, Manager, 25

“I don’t like the fact that the current authorities are trying to build very modern buildings everywhere, to my mind it loses the feel of uniqueness, especially when foreigners are interested in our original culture, architecture and so on. If something new is built, and I welcome this, the building should fit into the environment and architecture of the area.”
Natia, Teacher , 28

“I would simply advice them to act in a more professional way.”
Nodar, Economist, 24

“I think the Georgian regions need no reconstruction – each part of our country is quite ancient and unique so innovations can damage their style and attraction.”
Lia, Teacher, 36

“I have heard from foreigners that they choose to come to Georgia for its amazing nature and environment but if our government introduces modern services and technology the mountains will lose their ancient look.”
Gia, Architect, 27

“Life is quite difficult in Georgia's mountainous regions due to lack of various services people meet everywhere in urban districts. It means that the Government should first of all consider the needs of these people by providing them with electricity, gas, water, etc. Further the authorities should assist the locals with agricultural issues so that the tourists visiting the mountains could fully enjoy natural Georgian food and fresh air and also contribute to the local economy.”
Natia, Scientist, 41