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Monday, September 19
Unification of Opposition Remains a Problem

Political analyst Archil Gegeshidze in his interview to Rezonansi states that considerable numbers of people want to change the current government though few of them want the authorities to be removed by means of a revolution.

“There is a big task to be resolved and that is the unification of opposition, however because of the opposition's leaders personal ambitions it is not happening. They should unify at first and then they should try to carry out constructive programs where state policy will be demonstrably improved on the policies in the country nowadays – this means employment, attracting investment and so on, the opposition should present a better vision to get praise from society. Until now the opposition has not done anything like that and that is why electorate is not sure about them,” Gegeshidze says.

According to the analyst, the opposition stands on two different platforms: pro Russian and pro western. These two orientations are different but the goal is the same – to change the authorities. “This divergence will not bring about anything positive for them, they should sit and talk about joint activities, they should take into account both pro western and pro Russian opinions,” Gegeshidze added.

Pupils from vulnerable families to study at private schools

On the initiative of the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, successful and talented schoolchildren who come from socially vulnerable families will have opportunity to study in private schools free of charge, 24 Hours reports.

A third grade pupil Tornike Tabatadze, an orphan, will be studying at the Georgian-American High School as of the new academic year. Minister Dimitri Shashkini accompanied him in person to the new school and presented him with a portable computer.

Tornike lives in a state funded foster care home. From now on, the above mentioned school administration will manage his studies; provide him with school textbooks, a school uniform, food and transportation.

The private school “Mtisgnobartukhutsesi” was the first school to be involved in the project in 2010. This year, the Georgian-American High school also joined the initiative.