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Do you welcome a government reshuffle? Which ministers do you recommend leave their post?

Monday, September 19
“It has been a long time since a minister changed in our government, which is very unusual for us. I am kidding but that's the case. Well, it should be determined which field we are successful in and vise versa. I think the first one who should leave his post is the minister for agriculture because the situation in agriculture in Georgia is pretty poor. Apart from him, I would recommend the minister of sport and youth affairs to leave his position. We do not have any success in this area.”
Tika, manager, 29

“I can say who is successful in his/her ministry and then you will understand whom I recommend to go. Grigol Vashadze, Vano Merabishvili, Ramaz Nikolaishvili are the ministers who really do their work successfully. Am not a professional in all fields but I have eyes and see that some ministries are there just for the sake of it and nothing more.”
Rezi, student, 19

“I don’t at all like government reshuffles because I think that each person should have his/her profession and thus remain in charge of a particular branch. There is no minister whom I would “recommend” to leave at his/her post for today.”
Ia, Lawyer, 27

“It doesn’t make particular sense to me as an ordinary citizen who would be in charge of any ministry but I find it funny to constantly change officials. There are definitely professionals at the highest governmental ranks but there are also non professional youths who should first of all develop their skills and later think of becoming ministers.”
Paata, Driver, 48

“I like this reshuffle policy quite a lot because it enables the ministers to enrich their educational backgrounds but it still doesn’t help them to work out wise state policies. I would still recommend leaving Vera Kobalia in her position as the minister of economy and sustainable development – she has learnt and later introduced us so many innovative things.”
Lasha, MA Student, 22

"There are a lot of ministers I would like not to see in any leading governmental posts, like Bacho Akhalaia, Dimitri Shashkin, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, and Andrea Urushadze and that's just to start."
Gia, Economist, 31

"I think that frequent reshuffles are not useful for the state. I like all Georgian ministers more or less."
Giga, Policeman, 32

"There are ministers who should really be replaced and more competent ones who should take the posts. There is a bad tendency in the state when posts are taken by those who are nor aware of the sphere he/she should govern. I think that the minister of agriculture should be replaced, as he is not aware of agricultural issues and this field is really very important for the state. Kalmakhelidze should also leave the post, as the situation in penitentiary system has become worse."
Dato, Musician, 43