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Summer Tourist Season is over

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 20
The summer tourist season is over in Georgia. Official representatives or businessmen involved in the tourist industry and ordinary people assess the success of the season differently. Officials claim that the summer season was successful however businessmen and ordinary people challenge this position. Bosses of the national tourist agency evaluate the past summer season positively claiming that the number of domestic tourists increased by 40% and foreigners by 60%. The most popular tourist destination of the summer in Georgia is the Black Sea coast. Businessmen involved in the tourist industry and the local population, who also benefit from tourists, claim that the number of tourists this year was less than it was last year. People observed that different events, such as musical shows and concerts, attract more people into Batumi whereas ever less tourists could be seen in Kobuleti, Kvariati, Sarphi, Ureki, Grigoleti and other places. Many visitors commuted staying in different places and going for entertainment to Batumi. Tourists complained about the high prices of the services on the coast, prices have gone up in bars, cafes as well as big hotels. Some tourists complained that prices and the level of services were not adequate.