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Tuesday, September 20
Sturua's Open Letter to Culture Minister

Georgian online media outlet GHN reports that Robert Sturua, Art Director of the Rustaverli Theatre, who was dismissed recently on the order of Culture Minister, Nikoloz Rurua, published a letter on Facebook. In the letter, addressed to the Culture Minister, Sturua asks Rurua to appoint him to the position of manager at Rustaveli Theatre. He gives explanations in his letter that no artist can be the head of a theatre. The letter was written and sent while Sturua was the art director of the theatre before his dismissal.

He wrote that during his 50 years experience at Rustaveli Theatre he had gained a considerable knowledge of theatre life. The profile of the theatre was shaped during these years. He continues that the theatre has its own place among the world's most famous venues for theatre. Even in the 1990s' the theatre was still profitable. Sturua says no doubt there were many ups and downs but nevertheless the theatre kept a highly professional standard.

The letter continues that for the last three years the name of the theatre was in danger. Unprofessional and uninteresting performances were staged. Except for two to four theatre directors, none can come near to the standards demanded. "It is very painful for me to see how the administration is filled with PR and marketing people, who have nothing in common with art."

Sturua says that "in all these troubles I am guilty as well. But what can I do? I never could and cannot fight with brainless people. For this I see only one solution. In the theatre many things should be changed. I alone cannot do anything but I need clever people at my side, who know the theatre's needs. As for the present manager, I can say that an actor should not be at the head of the theatre. Acting is a profession which cannot cope with any other functions.

If you do not agree, for me nothing is left but to resign painfully as I am 72 year old.

P.S. if you accept my suggestion I agree to bear both functions - manager and art director (I have considerable experience in both)," the letter concludes.

Pension not Increased for all Pensioners

Rezonansi reports that pensions in Georgia were not increased for all Georgian pensioners and that the authorities kept a certain amount of the money. Pensions were not increased for 140,000 pensioners. According to the Social Service Agency, only pensioners of age and invalids of a group I, are getting an increased pension. Invalids of ll and lll groups and persons without a breadwinner will not benefit from the growth in pensions.

Pensions in Tbilisi were increased to GEL 10 and in the regions to GEL 20. However, according to the newspaper, due to the inflation rate and catastrophically high prices on products the increase is insignificant.