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How should the opposition act to gain your vote?

Tuesday, September 20
“They should not make such controversial statements and first of all should agree amongst themselves. At the same time, currently no street rallies should be held, as Georgians have lost trust towards the opposition."
Gia, economist, 41

“I dislike the current authorities, thus my vote belongs to opposition, however, I would make a choice from those in opposition. It would be better if some groups or coalitions in opposition were formed it would be easier for me then to make that choice.”
Natela, Housewife, 51

“I think that current authorities perform well and I do not think that the current opposition could be better than the current authorities. However, I am not against strong opposition to the state, as such kind of opposition is a sign of democracy and at the same time, the authorities will not be able to make decisions individually. If one day I see that any opposition party will be able to replace the current government due to their active actions, fighting, with qualified and educated people, with international contacts, I will vote for them.”
Nodar, Manager, 28

“They must foresee societal interests, act effectively to resolve their problems and the opposition mustn't be a gang with great ambitions, doing nothing.”
Giorgi, Blogger, 21

“There's no way they will gain my vote whatever they do!”
Lika, PR Manager, 25

“First of all the opposition should be active all the year round not only during their pre-election campaign because otherwise voters find it difficult to vote for them. Modesty and fairness are among the main features which the potential oppositional candidates should express to people – no one is perfect we know that but if you do nothing at all you won’t have any chances to succeed. That’s why our opposition spectrum lacks so much to my mind.”
Salome, Translator, 30