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Georgian Presence in Afghanistan Appreciated

By Ernest Petrosyan
Thursday, September 22
Afghan journalists claimed during a video conference that there is not enough known about the Georgian military contingent engaged as an ISAF participant in Afghanistan.

Pajhwok Afgan News journalists, Mohamed Badhir Gafarzai and Meergha Narsa Samim, said that the Georgian military mission is very important for Afghan people, and mentioned the shortage of information about Georgian troop activity in Afghanistan.

“Unfortunately, Georgian troops don’t have enough communication with the media and journalists and we are not able to cover their activity. It will be good for us and for the Georgian people if they have more contact. Afghan people will be thankful to the Georgian soldiers,” Narsa Samami said.

The journalists also said that the Afghan people have expectations from foreign missions regarding security strengthening, emphasizing that the security situation has significantly improved in Helmand province, where the Georgian contingent is located.

“People want to improve the economic situation. It is impossible without the eradication of violence. The most important thing Afghan people expect is strengthening security,” Mohamed Gafarza said.

The journalists also noted that the Afghan government and forces are not yet able to establish and maintain security in the country, though they mentioned that Afghan forces undergo trainings by US troops.

Georgian troops have been serving in Afghanistan since 2009 in one of the most dangerous regions of Afghanistan. Georgian troops were praised by the General David Petraeus, former Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, due to the successfully implemented operations against the Taliban movement. As of today 10 Georgian soldiers have been killed in the Afghanistan campaign.