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Compiled by Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, September 23
One more military base in Tskhinvali?

Newspaper Rezonansi reports that Russians are building a new military base in Tskhinvali region in the village of Dmenisi and that the Russians have already given USD 30,000 to the residents of the village to empty the area and to find apartments in some other place.

The newspaper says that they have got the information from refugees in Liakhvi gorge in the village of Eredvi, “we can’t go there, however some Ossetians manage to come to Tbilisi and we get news of the region from them.”

Rezonansi also published an interview with a military analyst, Irakli Sesiashvili, on the issue. He underlined that constructing military bases in the de facto regions serves two main purposes. “The first message is targeted at the west that it does not intend to de-occupy the regions and the second: bases for Russians are concrete plans which say for those regions we need a definite amount of bases and they should be allocated here.”

The newspaper also highlights that in Akhalgori, a Georgian region occupied by the Russians very close to the above mentioned village of Dmenisi, residents can not confirm the information about the new military base. The information is also not confirmed by the de facto leadership of South Ossetia.

Kakha Kukava says issues of IDPs and visa regime will be next on agenda after removal of embargo
IPN reports that Kakha Kukava, leader of the Free Georgia party, says the issues of IDPs and visa regime will be the next on the agenda after removing the embargo on Georgian products. Kukava made the above-mentioned statement at a meeting with experts.

According to him, compromises should be found in the Russian-Georgian relations.

He said “Georgian products will return to the Russian market in 2011. We had been negotiating with Russian executive and legislative governments over the issue for a long time. As a result, a political decision over export of Georgian products was achieved.”

According to him, nobody argues over the fact that Russia is an occupant and it has to make concessions regarding many issues.

According to Kukava, several companies have already expressed desire to export their products to the Russian market. However, he did not specify the companies.

Some of the experts, attending the meeting, said restoration of export of Georgian products to Russia will be profitable for the Georgian business.