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What do you expect from the new election code? Do you believe it will change the election environment positively?

Friday, September 23
“I am comprehensively observing the new changes in the election code and can cogently state that I see nothing positive in it. They increased the number of MPs to employ more people, including from the opposition to placate them through employment. Plus, the government initiative to grant 1.000,000 GEL to those parties which overcome the 5% barrier is nothing but a political bribe. And the most important thing is that the elections will not be conducted with biometric ID cards to minimize falsification. I believe that the opposition will suffer a fiasco again and the ruling party will manage to maintain its overbalanced majority in the parliament”.
Temuri, Sociologist, 54

“What should I expect, I am not positive regarding the upcoming elections, I will not vote at all. The United National Movement will adopt the code and environment to succeed at the elections again, so I am skeptical about it.”
Nino, Teacher, 42

“I don’t wait for anything at all because the ruling party would still gather enough votes to succeed in the elections with or without any falsification.”
Lika, PR Manager, 27

“Everything is fake, and the changes in the code are also fake, so the expectations from the elections are extremely low. Even for me it is clear that the elections will not be fair again, since they will not be conducted with biometric IDs as the opposition insisted."
Kakha, student, 22

“I’m not familiar with this issue so I would hesitate to give preliminary suggestions but I think there are still lots of things to be improved in the electoral environment in our country.”
Sandro, Historian, 42

“I don't know. We should see it through the elections. The code should be modified because in the next few years we have several very important elections.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“I do not wait for any serious change, as far as I know the real opposition did not participate in it and they have different attitude regarding the issue. At the same time, I think that the changing of the election environment is not in the government's interests, especially when the elections are coming.”
Zurab, Bank Employee, 45