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Monday, September 26
NASA Shuttle Debris Misses Georgia

NASA shuttle debris didn’t reach Georgia, InterPressNews was told by Abastumani Observatory astronomer and Ilia State University professor Giorgi Javakhishvili.

He says that the shuttle debris fell in Canada and possibly scattered debris there.

He says that the debris could not reach Georgia.

Kutaisi locals allege that NASA shuttle debris was found in Valamishvili Street.

They collected metal debris that was hot at first and had made a hole in the ground. The locals have informed the Ministry of Environmental Protection about it.

Georgian specialists could not confirm that debris of NASA shuttle fell in the territory of Georgia and say that it may be parts of a small plane that crashed.

NASA confirmed that a satellite crashed to Earth, leaving a mystery about where an extra 6 tons of space debris may have landed. The 13,000-pound (5,897 kg) satellite was dispatched into orbit by a space shuttle crew in 1991 to study the ozone and other chemicals in the Earth's atmosphere.

The US space agency said it believes the debris ended up in the Pacific Ocean, but the precise time of the bus-sized satellite's re-entry and the location of its debris field have not been determined. It completed its mission in 2005 and has been slowly losing altitude ever since.

Georgian PM Assesses Country`s Macroeconomic Indices

Georgia`s Prime Minister, Nika Gilaur,i discussed the macro economic indices of the country at today`s sitting of government. He summed up the results of the last eight months.

Gilauri said that in recent months all the indices have increased by several percentage points in the country`s economic and financial field and is reducing the unemployment rate.

The PM also said the mentioned indices are considered a success against the background of crisis in Europe and other republics of the Caucasus region, as unemployment rate is increasing throughout the world.
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FBI Delegation Arrives in Georgia

Representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived in Tbilisi on Sunday. The 25-member delegation of the American law enforcers visited the police academy today and saw the facilities.

Within the 5-day visit, the guests intend to hold meetings with Georgia`s interior and justice ministers.

A conference is also scheduled to be held in Georgia. The representatives of the FBI permanently conduct similar seminars in different countries.

During the visit, the guests are getting acquainted with local reforms and sharing their experience with Georgian law enforcers.
(Rustavi 2)

Robert Sturua to take several actors to the "Et Cetera"

Recently dismissed Georgian Theatre Director Robert Sturua plans to continue his activity in Moscow's "Et Cetera" in the near future, the Russian media reports.

"Now I have to finish some business in Tbilisi. On October 2 I will be in Moscow," Robert Sturua said. He is invited officially to Moscow by Alexander Kaliagin, Art Director of "Et Cetera".

"I do not know what my position will be in the new theatre, but I know definitely that I will be officially on duty and get a salary regularly," Sturua said. He noted as well that he will take several actors with him to Moscow from the Georgian Theatre.

"Firstly I was dismissed, now they are suggesting a big honorarium for two performances a year. But, I am not a hero, I am a man, a free person. That's why I will respect my own personality and will not take such steps that are against my conscience" the Russian media cites Sturua as saying.

“Renewed Georgia”- New Georgian Party Established

Another Georgian party “Renewed Georgia” has been established. Leaders made a statement about the party in Temka, near the so called “Arashenda” building. As the party chairperson Davit Patsatsia said, the location was selected symbolically.

“Arashenda” has not been renovated for several years and we must build “Arashenda” and the whole of Georgia”, Patsatsia said.

One of the leaders of the party, Temur Chilachava, noted that the party is created as people need a real alternative to the government. He says that the unemployment rate is high in Georgia and income very low.

“Our party will have support throughout Georgia, as people need real changes. We’ll be party of renovation, building, bringing economic well being and unifying the country. We call on you to come together from an un-constructed Georgia to a renewed one,” Chilachava said.

The newly established party will declare its strategy and aims on a 19 October meeting. The party members will be declared the same day. The presentation today was attended by the former chairperson of Chamber of Language Levan Ghvinjilia.