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Are you expecting any changes in Georgian-Russian relations, if Vladimir Putin is re-elected as the Russian President?

Monday, September 26
“This news was not surprising at all, everyone knew that Putin would run for president again. No one had any doubt that Medvedev was just a marionette in Putin’s government. As for Georgian-Russian relations I do not think that anything will change positively, however more tension is not excluded.”
Mariam, student, 22

”Well, I think that it would not be profitable for Georgia, as to my mind, Putin has much more hatred towards our country than Medvedev has.”
Ilia, Student, 19

“I do not expect any changes, as the real governor was Putin and not Medvedev, now, he will take this post officially, this will be the only difference.”
Mamuka, social worker, 32

“This is a really funny situation… however, nothing to be surprised at. I do not expect any serious changes, as both Putin and Medvedev hate Saakashvili equally.”
Keti, Language specialist, 23

“If I were a Russian citizen I would never vote for the Putin-Medvedev tandem. Don't Russians see how they are being played? Why do they support them, what do they like in their policies? No freedom, no courts, no justice. Everything is controlled and they still applaud them. Putin is an aggressor and if something changes in our relations it will not be positive. Maybe another war could happen.”
Tatia, translator, 30

“Changes? Maybe there will be another war, no better changes can be expected than that.”
Anna, Lawyer, 27

“No, I absolutely doubt that there may be some changes especially under Putin’s governance.”
Sandro, Political Scientist, 36