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Tourism Careers Heavily Promoted

By Salome Modebadze
Monday, September 26
The Georgian National Tourism Agency (GNTA) with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia organized Tourism Career Week from 19-24 September. Any energetic person with secondary education could participate in the event and get more familiar with the challenges of the Georgian tourism sector. Welcoming the increase of interest towards the entertainment industry in Georgia, Maia Sidamonidze the chairwoman of GNTA spoke of tourism as the “most employable field”.

Minister of the economy, Vera Kobalia, also emphasized tourism as the foremost sector for economical development and stressed the need for experienced staff for its promotion. In an address to the audience at the event she stated that, “60,000 people have been employed in tourism while the number of tourists visiting our country has increased by 40% compared with the previous year. If you don’t start from something you can’t get experience so if you have an interest in tourism today you’ll have great opportunities tomorrow.”

Representatives of successful companies prepared presentations, spoke of the challenges of their sector and introduced their services to their potential employees. “Create your own formula of success and take your chance without any fears,” Maia Tsereteli Executive Director of Key Management Solutions (KMS) a full service HR recruiting and consulting firm encouraged the audience and spoke about the necessary skills for people interested in tourism. “It’s beneficial to have practical knowledge and realize your career mission for entering the tourism sector not by creating a virtual reality of your personal skills but by showing what you really can do,” Tsereteli advised the participants of the project adding that one can never have another chance for making a first impression on others.

Eka Verulashvili trainer from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) gave recommendations on how to make a good CV and cover letter and shared successful job interview techniques. “When you acknowledge your technical, methodological, social and personal competences, uniting all information about a person necessary for potential employers, you can easily write an effective CV and a cover letter as well as present yourself,” Verulashvili told the audience giving further tips for each of the abovementioned competences.

Personal information, educational background, special trainings and courses as well as additional skills and recommendations make CVs respectable for others while the clear motivation and the chances of professional development increase chances for the position applied for, she continued.

Those who offered effective self-presentations to the jury successfully applied to the companies represented at the Career Day on September 24 where the individuals had an opportunity to meet face to face with employers engaged in the tourism and hospitality field, converse with them and leave their CVs.