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Which issues are more important for you: social-economic or political?

Tuesday, September 27
“Social-economic issues are more important for me as a lawyer because I have to be familiar with all the news people are facing every day.”
Keti, Lawyer, 27

“All of these are important for me. Moreover, they are linked to each other and I think these are the priorities which should be number one in the list of every government.”
Sophio, Journalist, 23

“Politics is a dirty game for me as an average citizen but it’s the part of our daily lives. I think all the mentioned topics have their importance but unfortunately they are often mixed with each other.”
Nikoloz, Writer, 47

“I think that political and economic issues both come from social problems that’s why they are always more significant for me as a person and a professional.”
Irina, Reporter, 24

“For me social-economic issues are prior to political ones since I think that all ordinary people need economic self-sustainability and confidence in the future first, and only afterwards they usually think about politics.”
Irakli, Manager, 34

“Both are important, but I would say that political issues are more interesting for me, maybe since, thanks to my job, I do not have to worry about socio-economic issues. Though I think that for the majority socio-economic matters are more important due to their heavy burden”.
Marika, Banker, 40

"Both of them are very important for me, as those issues are very much related to one another. The ruling powers and political actions carried out by them are reflected in economics. Currently we have serious problems in both fields."
Guram, Historian, 54

"I am so engaged with social issues, that I really have no time to pay enough attention to politics. I have to work hard and earn some money to save my family, thus social issues are more important for me and I think that is true for a great number of Georgians."
Nanuli, Teacher, 51

"I have not thought about it, I think that social issues are more important for me, as currently we have to think about how to live every day rather than, for example on, about the occupied regions of Georgia."
Salome, Doctor, 32