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Wednesday, September 28
Ilia II – Both Sides Lost in Abkhazian War

Both sides lost in the Abkhazian war, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II said in St. Trinity temple. The patriarch delivered the church service and then preached.

“I don’t know whether it was an Abkhazian victory, or a Georgian defeat. Where is the victory in defeat? It is a very difficult issue. I want to say that it was not Abkhazia’s victory; it was not Georgia’s defeat. It was a defeat for both sides. It was not a war between Georgians and Abkhazians, it was war against those who envied us, but friendship will prevail. Georgians and Abkhazians feel that we can’t be without each other. Georgian feels that Abkhazians are our blood and flesh. Abkhazians feels the same. The time will come when we’ll be together”, Ilia II said.

The patriarch mentioned the heroes who fell in the Abkhazian war: Zhiuli Shartava, a priest-monk, Andria Kurashvili, Yuri (Giorgi) Anua, Mamia Alasania; those who did not leave: Zhiuli Shartava, Sokhumi Mayor Guram Gabiskiria, Generals Genady Adamia and Paata Datuashvili, also civilians Tamaz Nadareishvili and Malkhaz Vacheishvili. The patriarch had tears in his eyes while speaking about the heroism of Zhiuli Shartava.

Ilia II declared that he conveys condolences and at the same time congratulates to the families of war dead as the time will come when their names will be written in sparkling letters, in the book of God. (Interpressnews)

Labor Party Addresses Abkhazian People

The Georgian Labor party published a special address to the Abkhazian people on September 27, Nestan Kirtadze, International Secretary of Labor Party said.

"The Georgian people and Georgian politicians must think about the renewal of relations with the Abkhazian people. On September 27, we are addressing once more the Abkhazian people. We wish to inform all the international community that the true Georgian political spectrum is not willing to recognize secessionist republics. Nevertheless, we are ready for bilateral negotiations for cooperation. Our new generations are separated from each other. This disconnection should not be prolonged for too long a period of time otherwise we will lose even a theoretical chance for reconciliation," Kirtadze said to GHN.

"We could open an Abkhazian House for dialogue with different groups of people from different social backgrounds," Kirtadze said. (GHN)

President Hosted Teachers in Kakheti

Georgian president visited Kakheti region on Tuesday. Mikheil Saakashvili held his last meeting with pedagogues who teach Georgian language at the public schools in the villages populated mostly by ethnic minorities and help the local pedagogues teach the state language to the pupils using a bilingual method. The president thanked the teachers for participation in this governmental program.

`I am impressed with your plans in this region. You are the ambassadors of the people and the state to these regions. They really want to be good Georgians and have only one obstruction - knowledge of the Georgian language and we ought to help them in this,` Saakashvili said.

The president hosted the teachers at his place in Kvareli. Earlier, Saakashvili and the teachers visited Duruji Lake together and viewed the ongoing construction works of a holiday complex.

The president said that several other holiday complexes had been built in Kakheti already, but most of them were private sector business and therefore, unavailable for everybody.

`This one is different - the complex will be opened on November 5, on Iliaoba and I propose to name this complex after Ilia II,` the president announced. (Rustavi 2)

Dimitri Lortkipanidze Accuses Government of Georgia of Political Persecution

Member of the faction Strong Georgia, MP Dimitri Lortkipanidze, accuses the Georgian government of political persecution. Lortkipandze says that faction Unity for Justice remains without any international levers and he asks whether this will develop parliamentarianism.

Lortkipanidze says he will address international organizations about the fact that the faction is artificially removed from international political life and that the speaker of parliament assists this process.

He even called on Davit Bakradze to stop making feasts with Facebook friends in the restaurant “Kopala” at the expense of the parliamentary budget. (Interpressnews)