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Armenian Tourism Business

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 29
According to Armenia’s economic ministry by the end of 2011 Armenia could have been visited by 800,000 tourists. This is so far unprecedented. In the best tourist years for Armenia were during Soviet Union when it attracted around 600,000 tourists. The analysts estimate that while visiting Armenia tourists spend average 1,000 USD. So, if the number of tourists by the end of 2011 will be 800,000 they will approximately bring into the country 800 mln USD. This is an impressive number - approximately the same as the money entering the budget from exports.

Of course many visitors to Armenia are representatives of the Armenian diaspora abroad or people with double citizenship. They spend as much or maybe more than ordinary tourists. However the structure of their expenditure is different. If so called ordinary tourists spend money on souvenirs or hotels and tours, diaspora representatives spend money for presents, visiting domestic attractions and many of them for medical purposes. There is a tendency in the country for more traditional tourists to enter the country. Iranian tourists also visit Armenia. They save on the transportation costs because they travel by bus and personal transport. The Armenian government facilitates the process of developing the tourism infrastructure, however prices on air tickets are expensive, though hotels prices are coming down. There are many tourists in Armenia from Russia. Many Russians come to Armenia to gamble in the casinos as such gambling houses are banned in Russia.