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Friday, September 30
Georgian and Czech Schoolchildren Twinned

Deputy Minister Giorgi Chakhnashvili attended a presentation of a joint project of Georgian and Czech schoolchildren at the school lyceum of Mtsignobartukhutsesi. In the scope of this event, Chakhnashvili met the representatives of the Czech educational sphere and discussed with them various educational projects/programs, 24 Hours reports.

Czech schoolchildren and teachers came to Georgia as a part of a twinning project implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science. They live in Georgian families and are getting familiar with the ongoing reforms in the Georgian education system. Together with their peers, the guests also attend classes. At the same time, Czech students are involved in cultural activities such as visiting the national museums. In 2012, school students of the school lyceum of Mtsignobartukhutsesi will visit the Czech Republic.

In the scope of the Eastern Partnership initiative of the EU, Georgia also participates in an E-Twinning project. In the frame of the project, schools are paired with another school in Europe. The two schools communicate using the Internet to collaborate, share and learn from each other. E-Twinning encourages and develops IT skills as the main activities use information technology.

Gigi Tsereteli and Giorgi Tatishvili View 'Hybrid' Cornfields

The vice speaker of the parliament, Gigi Tsereteli and the governor of Shida Kartli region, Giorgi Tatishvili visited Akhalsopeli village, Kareli municipality, Akhali Taoba writes.

They viewed fields with hybrid corn growing as part of a government backed programme and met with locals.

According to locals, as part of the hybrid corn program, the yield on the corn was four times higher this year.

”In the previous years we used to get one ton and a half of corn per hectare, but this year we received 8 tons of corn on the same spots,” one of the locals said.

A program supporting corn manufacturing started this year as an initiative of the agriculture ministry.