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In which university would you like to get higher education?

Friday, September 30
“Well actually I already have a Bachelor's degree from Tbilisi State University and a Master's degree from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs but it’s never late to improve my educational background. That’s why I think of continuing my university studies at any of the European institutions for a doctorate because European education is very much appreciated in Georgia.”
Giorgi, Journalist, 24

“I think all state universities are at the same level in Georgia and their quality and methods are not quite satisfactory for me. That’s why I want to apply for any English language foreign university either in Europe or the United States and perfect my scientific background.”
Anna, Biologist, 26

“As a university entrant I’ve thought a lot about my future plans and decided to apply for the Georgian Technical University and become an architect – that’s what I want most of all nowadays.”
Irakli, Enrolee, 17

“I’ve been learning French since my early childhood so my greatest dream is to take an MA course at Sorbonne University in Paris.”
Marekh, Political Scientist, 22

“Actually I have no idea about my future profession but I’m sure I’ll take a brilliant decision when I decide what I want to do in life.”
Magda, Pupil, 15

“I would get higher education with pleasure in Britain, in Oxford or Cambridge. It would be really very exciting for me. I hope that one day, I will be able to do so and have the financial abilities for this.”
Zurab, Economist, 24

“Well, I study at that university I wanted, meaning CSB. I think that it is one of the best universities in Georgia. In future, I might continue my education in some foreign state, in a good foreign university, to better refine my English and be more skilful in my profession.”
Bakar, Student, 19

“I want to pass my exams at the State University of Georgia, I love that university, it has a long tradition and almost all my family members graduated from the university. I hope that I would be satisfied with the teaching and level of education.”
Nino, pupil, 17