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Azerbaijanís Friends and Enemies

By Messenger Staff
Monday, October 3
In August-September, 2011 Azerbaijan's polling service carried out a survey of the major issues of which was to determine public opinion on friends and enemies of Azerbaijan. Today only 17.5% of the Azerbaijani population thinks that the country will best develop with Russia and the CIS. In 2010, 41% and in 2009, 44% thought so. Today 42% of those asked think that Azerbaijan should develop ties with Europe and the US.

The friendliest country for Azerbaijan is considered Turkey with 58%, then comes Russia with 23%, Islamic countries at 10% and Georgia with 9.9%. Armenia is perceived as the most hostile country towards Azerbaijan with 91%, Iran with 20% and Russia Ė 16%. The Arab Spring was welcomed by 28%, however 29% evaluated these events negatively and 52% thinks that such events will not take place in Azerbaijan, 12% thinks however that this is possible. Around a thousand people were questioned in Baku and other major cities in Azerbaijan between the ages of 18 and 30.