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Monday, October 3
Didgori Battle Continues – Ilia II

The Didgori battle has not ended yet - Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II said in his Sunday sermon at the Trinity Cathedral. He was referring to a famous 12th century battle between the Georgian state and the Seljuk Turks which shaped the destiny of Georgia and the region for hundreds of years.

‘We are proud of our past. We are proud that we won the fight at Didgori. However, it has not yet ended. There is war everyday in the world. We should not think just about our everyday life – food, drinks, entertainment. I want you to analyze the question - what is the future of Georgia? Will it be a dangerous or peaceful life?’ the Patriarch said.

Ruminating further on this theme, Ilia II, suggested that time is a difficult thing that consists of three components – past, present and future. ‘The past has already gone. It is so quick; we cannot change anything that belongs to the past. The future is most important. What will Georgia be tomorrow? Nations, bigger than us, have been annihilated,’ the Patriarch said.

First snowfall in Georgia`s north-eastern mountainous region

The first snow fell in Kazbegi district in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia last night. A significant fall in temperature was felt in the region. The temperature fell below freezing at night.

Due to the low temperature, fruit and potato crops were under threat of freezing.

The district is without natural gas supplies now, as the supplies are provided to the local population from October 15 every year.

It continues to snow in Tusheti district for now.
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New law for drivers comes into force throughout Georgia

A new law came into force in Georgia Monday. According to the legislation initiated by the interior ministry, Georgia has become the first country, where carrying a driving license is not obligatory when driving.

If necessary, the patrol police will check a driver’s license by verifying the person’s first and last names, and birth date in a digital database.

Along with the driving license, carrying a registration certificate for a vehicle is not obligatory as well in cases where the vehicle is registered in the driver`s name.

The police said the changes would allow drivers in Georgia to enjoy great advantages and avoid fines of GEL 15 in case they forget to take their licenses with them.
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Onyshenko on Georgian products

Georgian wine and mineral water may return to the Russian market by the end of the year, Gennady Onyshenko, Chief Sanitarian of Russia, told Interfax.

‘As a matter of fact, it may take even less time’, he said.

According to him, everything depends on Georgian businessmen as it is up to them to meet the requirements of the Russian market.

According to Onyshenko, he met with Georgian wine-makers a few days ago. ‘The meeting was held on the initiation of the Georgian wine-makers. We talked about the parameters required for the Russian market. The main condition is that quality of the Georgian product should be in compliance with Russian legislation,’ Onyshenko said.

‘Despite the hysteric and loud statements made by the Georgian authorities last week, the process of restoration of the export of Borjomi and Georgian wine to Russia still continues. The process is under way due to Georgian businessmen, who can now see that the development of the Georgian economy is impossible without the Russian market’, Onyshenko said.

President Saakashvili hosts former President of Peru

Mikheil Saakashvili hosted former President of Peru Dr. Alejandro Toledo in the town of Kvareli of Kakheti Region in Eastern Georgia on Saturday.

Dr. Toledo arrived in Tbilisi three days ago on the invitation of the Georgian president. The visit was planned two months ago.

In the morning Toledo visited Tbilisi State University. According to the university's academic council for special contributions made to the establishment and development of relations between the Republics of Peru and Georgia, the Toledo was awarded the title of honorary Doctor.

After the meeting, a documentary film was shown for the audience gathered at the event. Alejandro Toledo also delivered a public lecture for the students of the university.

A PhD of Stanford University, Dr. Alejandro Toledo was the 92nd President of Peru from 2001 to 2006.
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Janeti Kerdikoshvili, 19, wins Miss Georgia-2011 competition

Janeti Kerdikoshvili, 19, has won the Miss Georgia-2011 competition. Janeti Kerdikoshvili is a student of Tbilisi State University. She wants to become a journalist in future.

Kerdikoshvili will represent Georgia at the Miss World competition in London.

As per tradition, Janeti Kerdikoshvili will visit an orphanage in Batumi and present gifts to the children Monday. Twenty girls competed for the title of Miss Georgia.