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Monday, October 3
1,800,000 persons in Georgia live below the poverty line

In his interview to Akhali Taoba the Free Democrats party member Viktor Dolidze talked about the poor living conditions in which Georgians live nowadays. “When you turn on the TV you appear to live in renewed, reconstructed and light place made by Saakashvili. When you meet people, go out into the street and see what happens in the streets you see that people are starving. There has never been a starvation problem in Georgia, even in the beginning of 1990s. Since we gained independence we had a number of serious problems but there have never been socially unprotected people until now,” Dolidze said.

According to him, currently there are 30,000 prisoners, 300,000 probationers and 1,800,000 people below the poverty line in Georgia. “This is the result of Saakashvili’s ruling regime,” Dolidze added.

Kokoity’s opponent blocked for upcoming presidential elections

Rezonansi reports that Dzambolat Tedeev who was going to take part in upcoming elections in Georgia’s rebel region South Ossetia has been barred from the elections. The Central Elections Commission of South Ossetia took the decision last week. Of the CEC members, 15 voted against him, 6 voted for him and 2 members abstained. Before this decision, Tedeev together with his supporters had attempted to invade the CEC building which was followed by a shoot-out.

Tedeev’s supporters did not left the picketed building all day as they waited for the CEC decision. At 2100, the decision was announced with Tedeev also in the hall of the CEC. After the announcement Tedeev left the building calmly.

It is a well known fact that Tedeev accuses Kokoity of his brother’s murder and he has promised that he will seek revenge for that.