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What do you think about beauty contests in general? Do you think juries’ decision on naming a beauty queen is objective and impartial in Georgia?

Monday, October 3
“Well, I think that problems in such kinds of contests still exist, it is still important whether you have money or not, influence is still important. In general, I think that really beautiful girls in Georgia do not take part in beauty contests, due to their families, or old fashioned views, or they do not believe that they might achieve success.”
Saba, Musician, 28

“I like such contests very much, it is really pleasant to watch beautiful girls in different clothing. I think that our beauty queens were and are really pretty and the contest is impartial. There are cases when somebody does not seem too beautiful on TV, when she is better and more beautiful in the flesh.”
Dato, Manager, 31

“I do not know, how partial or impartial such contests are, as I have never participated in it. As for the outcomes, I think that there are more beautiful girls in Georgia and the decision is not acceptable for me sometimes. The jury decision is obscure for me.”
Tatia, Language specialist, 24

“I think Miss Georgia this time was chosen in the right way. Generally people say that there are always strings pulled beforehand in such contests but I don't think it is in the interests of the organizers. When the girl is not good looking it becomes their professional shame if they go on to Miss Universe or other international contests. This time I think we have the right girl.”
Sophio, Journalist, 23

“There is always a danger of impartiality among the juries in small countries like Georgia but as a matter of fact the girls should match international criteria and it’s the country’s prestige to select the best among the prettiest.”
Shalva, Editor, 37

“To tell you the truth, in Georgia, the jury and people generally can’t determine what is beauty, they like that long legs which I don't think is interesting. I don't agree with it, a girl should have something inside, height isn't everything.”
Tamta, Lawyer, 22

“I do not usually watch them, though I do not think that such contests are impartial due to the nature of Georgian reality. In most cases I dislike the winners. “
Anzori, psychologist, 40

“Sometimes, when the winner is really beautiful, it can be said that it is impartial, however, sometimes the winner really casts doubts on the impartiality of the contests.
Sasha, engineer, 35