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How important is it to vote in elections? Do you go to the elections regularly?

Tuesday, October 4
“ I never participate in the elections, I do not like this process and at the same time I am sure that the government will do as they want, no matter whether I participate in it or not.”
Nino, language specialist, 23

“Sometimes I can’t as I live in the capital and I am not registered in Tbilisi, I am registered in one of the regions which is quite far from Tbilisi and sometimes, due to my job or some other reasons I am unable to participate, I think that my vote is important and believe that all Georgians should participate in the elections to express their will, and to avoid some other difficulties. Elections determine our fate and we should realize this.”
Tamta, Teacher, 31

“All votes count! Everybody should go to vote. As for me, sometimes I can’t participate in the elections, as I frequently leave the country.”
Natia, facilitator, 33

“Yes, it’s very important for any citizen to use their right to vote in elections.”
Nino, Translator, 23

“Dear voter, once you forget me, I will leave for ever. Yours, Democracy - this was a statement from before Hitler took power in Germany. The so called "Weimar Republic" was only destroyed, because people stopped believing in democracy. Democracy is as strong as our belief in it. And sometimes we have to fight for our right to vote. It is one of the most important rights. However, sometimes no politician is worth being elected then you have to make this clear during the election. Decorate your vote-paper with hearts though and it becomes worthless. I go to elections, because I am sure they are very important.”
Anna, Student, 21

“It's the most confident way to protect your voice and choice so I participate in elections regularly.”
Lile, Journalist, 25