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Students of Waldorf School on Charity Concert Tour in Germany

By Hans and Petra Lier
Wednesday, October 5
Alumni of the Tbilisi Waldorf School, from the class of 1994 to the class of 2011, are doing their best to help their former school to survive. On their own initiative they have produced a series of concerts (Georgian folk songs and dances) and organised a fundraising concert tour through Germany.

The Waldorf school is founded on the educational theory of anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner (1861- 1925). His anthroposophy aims at a comprehensive human education attaching great importance to the subjects of arts and crafts to create an emotional disposition in young people.

At present the Independent Waldorf School of Tbilisi is struggling for survival. It used to be a state-run school, but self-governing its pedagogical affairs. This semi-official status had to come to an end. As a result a private society had to be founded to take over responsibility of the institution. When the school building was privatised, it meant that the plot of land where the school is situated had to be acquired privately, too, at a cost of 250,000 euro.

Now friends and members of the Waldorf School are raising money in order to purchase the plot of land. Among those initiatives, one is the above-mentioned concert tour of former students of the Waldorf School through Germany performing the dances and folk music of their country, following the inspiration of the painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser who said: “Only with music you can change the world!” Wherever their show and concert is performed it has delighted a curious and attentive German audience. The last performance for the time being was held on September 30th in the Bavarian city of Ismaning.