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Wednesday, October 5
Transportation costs may increase on metro

Rezonansi writes that despite city hallís rejection of possible increases in travel costs on the metro, the government is preparing a law which, if passed, will see transportation costs in the metro increase by 10-20 tetri.

It is noteworthy that city hall did not confirm the plan to increase prices on marshrutkas but later this information came out and the cost increased from 50 tetris to 80 tetris, so accordingly in some months the metro price can become more expensive.

Tbilisi City Hall strongly denies the information and states that the city is not going to increase the metro price.

Targamadze held meetings with British officials

The Christian-Democrat leader Giorgi Targamadze has met with members of the Cabinet of Ministers and lower house of the parliament of Great Britain, 24 Hours reports.

A face-to-face meeting was held between Giorgi Targamadze and British Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

Joint participation of the Georgian and British soldiers in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan was discussed at the meeting. Liam Fox positively evaluated Georgiaís contribution in the fight against terrorism. The defence secretary said he is planning a visit to Georgia in the near future.

During the visit to Great Britain, Targamadze also met with the secretary of Culture and Sport, members of the House of Commons, and the Speaker of the European Parliament.

Giorgi Targamadze and Giorgi Rukhadze, international secretary of the party, are visiting Great Britain by invitation of the Conservative Party of Great Britain.