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Did the increase in marshrutka fairs improve the quality of transportation?

Wednesday, October 5
“No, unfortunately the quality still remained as it was. In general, it is a great irrelevance when it comes to comparing price and quality in our country.”
Natia, Journalist, 23

“I had to travel with the new yellow marshutka several days ago and I think that it is better than those old, damaged mini buses, however they are not as modern as the price suggests they should be, especially when a serious part of our people have to live in hard economic conditions.”
Zurab, Economist, 41

“The quality has remained as it was, they are still overcrowded, there is no air inside, there are no windows. There is an air conditioner inside, however it's switched off.”
Salome, Student, 20

“Unfortunately the quality never corresponds to prices in our country so the marshrutka-related issue won’t be an exception.”
Magda, Journalist, 21

“It’s hard to measure the quality of transportation in our country because there are still old fashioned marshrutkas in Tbilisi which cost 80 tetri instead of 50. But somehow people are using them anyway –what else can they do? When you have to wait for a bus for 30 minutes and you are in a hurry you don’t care about the price and still catch the mini-buses to get to your destination without any delay.”
Sandro, Manager, 27

“I haven't been in the new yellow marshrutkas yet, but the old ones are not really comfortable and one more problem is the number of people in them – you can hardly breathe in them.”
Lali, MA Student, 22