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Monday, October 10
Ilia II – Love is Life for Others

The Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II, preached about the importance of love on the Sunday service at the Trinity cathedral today.

“Nobody is able to explain the notion of love. In Greek, love for God, parents, friends is expressed by different words, in Georgian we have only one word - love. There is love and hatred. There are frequent cases, when love increases into hatred and hatred into love. Nobody can explain this. We can only say that love is life for others, this is carrying others' burdens”, Ilia II stated.

Delegation of Georgian Foreign Ministry completes visit to Australia

The delegation of Georgia`s Foreign Ministry has completed its official visit to Australia.

Within the visit, in Melbourne Grigol Vashadze held a meeting with the parliamentary secretary of the Australian government, who at the same time, occupies the position of deputy foreign minister of the country and is in charge of issues in the Pacific Ocean region.

At the meeting, the officials discussed bilateral relations and prospects of future cooperation in trade and tourism.
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Georgian First Lady Opens WHO`s Conference in Warsaw, Poland

Georgia`s First Lady, Sandra Roeloefs, attended the conference of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Warsaw, Poland. As the ambassador of the organization to the European region she officially opened the conference.

Medical nurses and midwives from 53 countries of the world, including Georgia, attended the conference.

At the conference, a special declaration was adopted, which will be sent to the participant countries for the purpose of better development in this sphere.

After the conference, the Georgian First Lady attended an official dinner organized on behalf of the WHO.
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Georgia`s Interior Minister talks about police reforms on Ukrainian TV

Georgia`s Interior Minister, Vano Merabishvili, took part in Ukrainian journalist Savik Shuster`s show Shuster Live on Ukrainian TV. Merabishvili gave an interview to the channel from Tbilisi.

The reforms carried out in the law enforcement structures of Georgia were discussed in the interview with the Georgian minister.

Vano Merabishvili said one of the main achievements of the reforms was the population`s increased trust in the police of Georgia.

In the same TV show the Ukrainian Interior Minister also took part. He invited his Georgian counterpart to Ukraine to share the Georgian experience.
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Russian opposition leader delivers speech in Parliament of Georgia

"Georgia-Russia relations are greater than Putin`s present day rule" - with these words one of the major leaders of the Russian opposition, Garry Kasparov, started his speech in the parliament of Georgia on Thursday.

Kasparov addressed Georgian lawmakers in English. He presented the MPs with a sports agenda, but started his address with political statements.

Kasparov said a great part of the Russian population does not agree with the Kremlin policy and thinks that after the Putin government quits the relationships between Georgia and Russia will be returned to normal.
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