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Monday, October 10
School Resource Officers Visit War Affected Families

School Resource Officers paid a visit to the families of soldiers killed in the war of 2008. They gave clothing, household items and school supplies to children. As a part of the visit the children sang and read poems. The School Resource Officers' participation in similar activities continues and they are ready to support those families who need help, 24 Hours reports.

The major function of School Resource Officers is to prevent crime and help children to live in safety. They have no power to punish and are obliged to ensure the safety of pupils as part of the Safe School Program, a new initiative that aims to guarantee safety.

Demand for Private Tutors Increasing

Everyday the demand for private tutors is increasing, Kvela Siakhle reports. The New Rights party member Manana Nachkebia says that the reforms carried out in the Ministry of Education aimed to decrease role of tutors for preparation for national exams, however the result is that their number is permanently increasing. The reason is that school does not give good quality education for the students and that is why parents are convinced that their children should have private teachers in different subjects. Nachkebia also says that the price of private tuition is in some cases very high, especially when they teach an in demand subject such as foreign languages.