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How would you assess Ivanishvili’s first appearance on the Georgian political scene?

Monday, October 10
“Unfortunately I don’t have much information about Ivanishvili’s political views, but people say he is a very kind person who cares for others and has done lots of good things for ordinary people with his charity. Let’s give him a chance to get stronger on the political level and let’s see further.”
Zaqaria, Analyst, 25

“I’m so tired of politics that I want to keep away from the news. I haven’t read or listened to any statement made by Ivanishvili or others commenting on his decision.”
Mariam, MA Student, 22

“What I want to know most of all in this issue is to identify who is who. I really feel terribly confused with the political chaos in the country and can hardly understand who is pro-government and who is simply patriotic.”
Alexander, Historian, 47

“As a person I have nothing against him, but still, I don't like it. I think that such a powerful businessman has no place in the political arena. I also dislike it when journalists are trying to get into politics - everyone has his job, and in this case I don`t understand Ivanishvili’s motivation - he can do good things for Georgia as a businessman.”
Ia, Journalist, 20

"Nothing will change as I see it. The current Georgian authorities will not enable Ivanishvili to make any changes against them. I think that what happened with Badri Patarkatsishvili will be repeated. "
Lasha, Computer Programmer, 29

"To tell the truth I am not interested at all in what will happen or what issues are ongoing regarding Ivanishvili or some others involved in politics."
Ani, Language specialist, 23

"I refrain from making any comment at the moment, as I am waiting for the team to be named, who will be there, and only then I will be able to express my opinion."
Eduard, Politician, 39

"I have a positive attitude. Unlike Saakashvili who makes Georgian people live in hard economic conditions, Ivanishvili has done only positive things for us."
Keti, Interpreter, 23