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Do you think Saakashvili should meet Putin without any preconditions? Will it bring any positive results for Georgian-Russian relations?

Tuesday, October 11
“I don’t think any meeting is an inevitable step for regulating Georgian-Russian relations. In the 21st century there are so many alternatives to face-to-face negotiations, but both presidents simply lack the will.”
Zura, Scientist, 49

“A meeting needs no preconditions, but anyway, it will not bring any results. If they want to have some agreement, one (or both) of them will have to make a compromise. Putin isn’t going to de-occupy Georgia and our only requirement is that. So, I think, this kind of meeting will not be effective.”
Lali, MA Student, 20

“I don’t think any meeting between the two heads of the neighboring states will make any sense as they will never agree on the issue of the Abkhazian region. As a journalist I know lots of young Abkhazians who are categorically against reunion with Georgia.”
Irina, Journalist, 24

“Well, I think that it would be better to meet each other. However I do not expect any serious results, Russia is an occupying power and it will never agree on peaceful de-occupation, that is clear from our history. And when the two men dislike each other it is less possible that some agreement can be reached between them.”
Tamta, teacher, 23

“Yes, I think they should meet without any kind of precondition. They should start talking and step by step improving relations. Russia is a very important neighbor, and we can do nothing but establish good relations with it.”
Nugzar, Sales Manager, 30

“Why not? In this situation any preconditions will just hinder a meeting happening. I think it is ridiculous to talk about anything positive coming out of a meeting due to attitudes in the Kremlin. Nonetheless, they should meet and talk”.
Akaki, Economist, 47.