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Do you think Ivanishvili should join to any of the political parties or should he act separately?

Thursday, October 13
“If he wants to maintain the rating he has now among Georgian society he should act separately and he should gather those people who deserve the most respect in Georgia. I would not suggest Ivanishvili joins any alliance or with other political parties. We all know that none of them has such a high rating as Ivanishvili has personally.”
Gaga, student, 23

"He's already acting separately, but the only problem is the citizenship. Non-Georgians can't create a party in Georgia. I think he will go his own way, but will also cross some other parties' ways sometimes."
Revaz , manager, 22

“Well, I don’t know what kind of decision he will make but if he joins the ruling party it would be a good idea. After Saakashvili’s terms is over he can become the president and I am sure he wants good for Georgia. I do not want him to turn out to be a Russian agent as it was with Patarkatishvili.”
Lela, hairdresser, 32

"In no way will he collaborate with the current political forces, choosing some definite people from the opposition spectrum is acceptable, however not parties."
Levan, Student , 21

"Well, I think that currently it is difficult to form an absolutely new political party, as the elections are coming and starting everything from scratch is difficult. I think the decision to collaborate with definite political parties was quite acceptable."
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“If Ivanishvili really wants to succeed at the elections he should try hard to keep away from all the well-known politicians and gather the business sector around him. It’s a common fact that businessmen in Georgia are terribly oppressed by the authorities. Nobody does his or her job in Georgia so I think a business union in politics would be something really amazing and worthy of respect.”
Salome, Interpreter, 28

“I hope Ivanishvili acts separately because we have all got tired of unpromising opposition figures. They have made so many mistakes that they have to pay for them while Ivanishvili should gather worthy people around him and act in a wise way.”
Shalva, Investigator, 47