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Monday, October 17
Ilia II Preaches Kindness

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II has talked about the complexity of human nature in his Sunday sermon.

According to the Patriarch, a human is the crown of all God’s creatures. The physical and spiritual nature of a human are so complex that it is impossible to ever perceive them.

‘A human is a great miracle with its physical and spiritual nature. Time changes and people change with it. Time changing is a hard process that cannot be entirely perceived’, Ilia II said.

According to him, if people knew everything they would die of pride.

He recalled the period of Nero, noting that the Roman Emperor relished the torture of Christians. According to the Patriarch, there are a lot of people even today who get pleasure from torturing others. ‘Nero used to torture Christians in his garden. Romans said then: man is wolf to man," the Patriarch said, adding people nowadays are close to this. ‘Nowadays, even children kill each other’, he said.

According to him, parents should cultivate love for kindness in their children. ‘People change with time. The main thing is whether they change towards good or evil’, Ilia II said.

Deputy Secretary of State to Travel to Caucasus

Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns will arrive in Georgia on October 18, 2011, a press release on the official site of the Department of State says.

The Office of the Spokesperson reports that the Deputy Secretary of State will travel to Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia from October 16-20. He will meet with government leaders and civil society representatives to discuss strategic and shared interests in the region, including regional peace and security, economic development, and democratic reform.
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Presentation of Districts of Kvemo Karetli Region Held in Rustavi

Public festivities dedicated to the Celebration of Rustavi city in Kvemo Kartli region continue. Presentations of all districts of the region were held in the city Sunday.

Georgia`s Interior Ministry attended the event. The ministry's head, Vano Merabishvili, along with Infrastructure Minister and Governor of Kvemo Kartli region visited all the pavilions, where different food products and wine produced in the districts of the region were presented.

Folk ensembles working in the region also performed at the event.

Merabishvili also attended a lesson with the pupils of the arts school of Rustavi.
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Saakashvili Inspects Rehabilitated Church in Kutaisi

President Saakashvili visited Saturday the city of Kutaisi in Imereti Region in Western Georgia. He visited the Motsameta Church (Martyrs` Church) five kilometers from the city.

The church has been rehabilitated over the last two years. Consolidation works have been carried out at the building.

The president inspected the refurbished complex today. During his visit, the Archbishop Calistrate presented him with an icon of St. Michael.
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IDPs` Minister Opens New Factory

Minister for Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, Koba Subeliani, opened a new factory in the Kopitnari camp of IDPs Sunday. The government of Georgia is implementing various business projects aiming at improving living conditions for IDPs.

Only IDPs will be employed in the new factory, which will produce dairy products, cheese and cottage cheese.

Representatives of the US and European official missions attended the presentation in Kopitnari.
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Sculpture Dedicated to Georgia-Armenia Friendship Unveiled in Tbilisi

Statues of Valiko Mizandari and Rubik Khachikyan, the characters of the well-known Georgian film Mimino (Sparrow-hawk) by the famous Georgian film director Gia Danelia were unveiled in Avlabari district of Tbilisi on Friday.

Moscow-based Georgian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli presented the statues to Georgia`s capital.

The sculpture Mimino by Tsereteli is dedicated to the friendship of the Georgian and the Armenian peoples.

Prior to the presentation, Zurab Tsereteli also inspected his statues of the famous Georgian dancers Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in Aghmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi. The Georgian sculptor was accompanied with his colleagues and friends from Russia when visiting the statues in the central part of the city.
(Rustavi 2)