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According to you which political party has the highest rating in Georgia?

Monday, October 17
“The ruling United National Movement definitely has the highest rating in today’s Georgia because our officials have an amazing PR machine which can’t leave anyone feeling indifferent.”
Lali, Journalist, 21

“I really find it difficult to name the party with the highest rating at present.”
Shalva, Investigator, 29

"In general, I do not believe in public polls, there are a lot of factors that should be paid serious attention while polling. Currently, the National Movement has the highest rating, however, I have seen polling carried out by one of the online media outlets and Bidzina Ivanishvili's non-existent political party has already got 55 % of the vote."
Nino, Journalist, 23

"I have no definite answer on the question, unfortunately, I have not lived in Georgia for two years. As far as I know, the National Movement has the highest rating and they will maintain that position. At the same time, it is difficult to get real a picture about which party might be leading, as Georgians are not the most sincere in polling."
Temo, Sociologist, 24

"Currently, the National Movement has the highest rating and they will preserve the rating to win the elections."
Artiom, Journalist, 25

"The fact that the opposition has a low rating does not mean that the ruling party is the one in ratings. A significant part of Georgian society currently dislikes both the ruling party and the opposition. If someone appears in the Georgian political field, such as Ivanishvili, most Georgians will support him and the ratings from the public polls would seriously change."
Tamta, Teacher, 28

“I cannot say for sure, but I strongly believe that if Ivanishvili makes his own party it will have the highest rating in Georgia.”
Meri, pensioner, 67

“If we believe various polls, the National Movement has the highest rating, but I do not believe it. Let us wait for the elections and we all see who is the most trusted and popular.”
Gigi, student, 19