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Georgia-Russia WTO Negotiations

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, October 18
Russian-Georgian negotiations concerning Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization are currently in deadlock. Moscow does not make any concessions hoping that US and EU will pressure Georgia and force it to give consent to Russia’s entry into the organization. The Russian PM and future president Vladimir Putin has openly declared this fact. The US however responded by saying that for successful results in the Georgian-Russian negotiations it is not necessary for the US to pressure Georgia, rather Russia should agree to certain conditions. It was clearly explained that for Russia there is no way to bypass Georgia in the process and the two sides should overcome obstacles and find a solution. According to the American side, Switzerland, which is mediating Georgia-Russia talks, has suggested a very balanced and unbiased suggestion which was supported by the Georgian side. Georgia wants to monitor trade turnover between Russia and Georgia’s rebel regions. The Swiss suggest that EU monitors could be deployed at the border and control the situation. So far Russia has stubbornly refused to make such a concession though. The next round of talks is planned in this week.