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Tuesday, October 18
Briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The regular Monday briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was dedicated to the visit of the Deputy Secretary of State and the highest ranked Foreign Service Officer of the United States William Burns to Georgia. Mr. Burns will arrive in Georgia today.

`In the frame of the visit, Mr. Burns will meet with the president of Georgia, the foreign minister and the state security secretary. The sides will discuss issues of bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation,` Deputy Minister Nikoloz Vashakidze said.
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Airzena to buy two new liners from Boeing

Boeing Vice President Martin Bentrott is in Georgia. The representative of the company met with the chief of the Airzena Air Company Tamaz Gaiashvili. The sides signed a contract, according to which the Georgian company will buy a new Boeing 737 airliner next year and a Boeing Dream Liner in 2018.

In addition, Boeing will provide training for Airzena pilots. The company has already allocated GEL 50,000 for the Tbilisi Aviation University.
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Georgian delegation learns about ecological projects in South Korea

A Georgian delegation is on a visit to South Korea to get acquainted with new ecological projects and reforms in the field.

Georgia`s Economy Minister Vera Kobalia received detailed information about strategies of green development. The minister visited factories producing energy-saving products.

As reported, new Georgian-Korean companies will be brought into the operation soon. The companies are expected to create new jobs and bring green technologies into the country.

Business dialogue is ongoing between the two countries for one year already. Certain agreements on energy issues have already been achieved.

As reported the Korean side is interested in Georgia`s hydro energy sphere, therefore it intends to construct a large hydro electricity power in the country.

South Korea is considered a leader country in creating a green economy since 2008.
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Kokoity Accused by Opponents of Plotting “Constitutional Coup”

South Ossetian de-facto President Eduard Kokoity has been accused by opponents of plotting a “constitutional coup”, an opposition website says. Tskhinvali’s opposition addressed the population with a warning letter. The letter reads that “constitutional changes may be adopted at a 19 October session of parliament. According to the changes, a so-called parliamentary republic will be declared, Kokoity will be the leader as chairperson of parliament and the president will only be a puppet figure”. The authors of the letter address the South Ossetian population and democratic powers not to allow this to happen.

Kokoity’s opposition plans to protest at 12:00 tomorrow in the central square of Tskhinvali. Some opposition party leaders are signed up for the address, including the South Ossetian first de-facto president Ludvig Chibirov.

Eduard Kokoity’s presidential term expires in November. On 13 November, presidential elections will be held in South Ossetia, and Kokoity will not run for the presidency.

Days of Georgia held in Warsaw

Georgia Days organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia were held in Warsaw. For the past three days, visitors were offered Georgian national dishes, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at one of the most prestigious restaurants situated on Zamkov Square in the Polish capital.

Each evening, the events included Georgian wine tasting, a large cheese pie called khachapuri and other agricultural products from Georgia.

Georgia Days were closed with a concert by Georgian Voices and the Georgian National Ballet, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Georgia

Reconstructed street opened with bicycle racing in Rustavi

The second day of Rustavi festivities started with opening the rehabilitated Tbilisi Street in the city. The five kilometer road has been faced with stone. It has been covered with a new asphalt layer and pavements.

The street has been equipped with a new drainage system; security signs have been installed.

The opening of the reconstructed street was marked with a bicycle racing tournament in Rustavi Monday. A total of 50 sportsmen, including the environmental minister, took part in the racing.

The new project has been carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Minister Ramaz Nikoleishili opened the refurbished street together with the governor of Kvemo Kartli Region.
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