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How much money do you spend on transport monthly?

Tuesday, October 18
“I am a student and I have a special card, so I have benefits and need nearly GEL 15 for transport. I use the metro in general. However, there are extra costs, when I have to take transport with mini buses, as there I have no pass.”
Giorgi, Student, 19

“Well, I need average GEL 40-50 monthly. Of course it is not an exact calculation, however on average I need that sum.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 23

“I need nearly need GEL 50-60 as I have to change onto different forms of transports in a day. At the same time there are differences in price. The cost is very high in Georgia in this field, but the service does not correspond, unfortunately.”
Tamta, Teacher, 24

“Generally I use public transport everyday and approximately GEL 40 is needed per month because I need two buses to get to school from my home. This is not a small amount of money but the worse thing is overcrowded public transport. Since the city hall cut several bus routes it became almost impossible to take a seat in buses. People feel uncomfortable there.”
Meri, teacher, 41

“I’m a student and have lectures every day which means that I have to travel from one part of the city to another, thus I spend at least GEL 40 for municipal transport per month.”
Magda, Student, 21

“I spend approximately 60-70 lari a month just on transport expenses.”
Lali, Journalist, 22

“We, Georgians, are such hospitable people, that we sometimes cover not only our monthly expenses but pay for our neighbors or acquaintances we meet on the buses. I work in Saburtalo district - there is only one mini bus going from my home to my work thus I spend 80-90 lari a month, which is quite a significant figure for travel expenses.”
Anna, Marketing Manager, 25

“Well, actually I’m a student and have a special student discount for public transport, but I still need at least 20 lari a month – or one lari a day with my 20 tetri student card for bus and metro.”
Nikoloz, Student, 20