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Do you see any necessity to hold snap parliamentary or presidential elections?

Thursday, October 20
“Personally, I do not think that any kind of elections should be held urgently. We should wait for the time and date as it is in the constitution and then hold the elections. I think such snap elections have become a tradition which shows an unstable situation in the country.”
Meri, teacher, 34

“I do not welcome either snap elections, protest rallies or any such much ado about nothing. Let us live in a country where everything will happen on time. Everyone is tired of things like this.”
Maka, student, 21

“Does it need to be asked? Do you not see that Georgia is in a terrible condition now? Snap elections are inevitable and I would be most happy if there are elections and this government leaves the country. It is unacceptable what happens in Georgia now. If you have any other idea, you will find yourself in prison, disgusting!”
Guram, taxi driver, 56

“For now I do not think it is necessary but if things go wrong and I see some signs of it then there should be elections both parliamentary and presidential.”
Sofi, sales manager, 26

“I would welcome snap elections but I am not sure that these elections will be fair and not rigged. That is why I do not think we should dream of democratic elections yet.”
Giga, student, 19

"Currently, I can't see necessity of holding snap elections. They should be held when it is their time."
Revaz, Bank Employee, 23

"Well, I do not see any necessity, this would be an additional expense and nothing more. Anyway, what would be changed by the elections?"
Nika, Lawyer, 28

"I don't see the necessity, what else can I say? I think that the majority of our citizens think like this. I think that the situation regarding the opposition is better and more interesting now and to my mind some period is needed for the opposition to agree on things according to their pre-election campaign. Pre-term elections are in the interests of the authorities, however. Georgian people and opposition should not let them do this."
Tamta, Teacher , 24

“I think snap elections would be inevitable especially under the political pressure created after Bidzina Ivanishvili’s appearance on the political playground. The government will try hard to settle their political game before Ivanishvili restores his Georgian citizenship.”
Keti, PR Manager, 24

“I don’t think that the government would dare call snap elections. What’s the use of doing so? They would only falsify the results and win with “the majority” of votes.”
Giorgi, Sportsman, 28