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No increase of employees after Rose revolution

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 21
As it has become known the number of employees in Georgia currently are not more than they were in 2003 before Rose revolution took place. Then there were around 600 000 people employed, in 2010 the figure was almost the same. In the 80th of 20th century when there were 5.4 mln people living in Georgia 2.2 mln were employed. According to official statistics now in Georgia live 4.4 mln whereas there are employed just over 600 000. As statistical department informs 56% are employed in big enterprises, 23% in medium size businesses and 20% in small businesses. People employed in small and medium size businesses produce only 15% of GDP, it should be mentioned however that in developed European countries biggest number of employees are in medium and small size businesses.