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Friday, October 21
Georgian manuscripts included in UNESCO Heritage

Georgian historical manuscripts have been included in a list of UNESCO heritage. This collection is of an enormous importance as it is widely acknowledged that Georgian manuscript heritage contains unique material of Byzantine cultural development.

These works have preserved samples lost in Greek and other languages, while preserving important references to Byzantine authors that replenish the life and work of those writers and unknown writers of Byzantine literary history. This collection is unique and is deemed to transcend the boundaries of time and culture. Some of the translations are unique as the originals no longer exist and scientists rely on these translations for research.

Georgia submitted the manuscripts to UNESCO several months ago within the project entitled Memory of the World. (Rustavi 2)

Snow depth reaches 15cm in Kazbegi

A day after a fall of temperature across Georgia, snow has fallen in Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi. Snow reached 15cm deep there Thursday morning. Movement is prohibited for vehicles on the 68th and 106th sections of the main highway towards the Kazbegi region.

Weather forecasters say bad weather will continue throughout the country Thursday. It will snow in the mountains and rain is expected for the rest of the country. Strong winds will blow for the whole day. Forecasters do not expect any weather improvement for the next two days. (Rustavi 2)

European parliamentarians to approve draft resolution on Georgia

European parliamentarians will vote on a draft resolution on the situation in Georgia at a session of the foreign relations committee Thursday. The adopted text of the resolution will be finally adopted at the session of the European Parliament in November.

Leading Thursday's session of the committee was MP Kshishtof Lisek, who has already assessed the resolution as a revolutionary one. In it, the presence of Russian troops in Georgia`s breakaway regions is assessed as the occupation of the territories of a sovereign state. The MPs also focus on the refusal of Russia to fulfill the terms of international agreements as regards the conflict regions. The reforms implemented by the Georgian government and Georgia-EU relations are also referred to in the resolution.

Georgian parliamentary speaker Davit Bakradze is attending the discussions in Belgium. The speaker has already answered the questions of the lawmakers. (Rustavi 2)

Georgians flee Greece due to economic crisis

Georgian immigrants living and working in Greece have begun to flee the country as local employers fail to pay salaries due to the grave economic crisis in the country. As for the security of Georgians, Georgian embassy officials say they have not been contacted for help. (Rustavi 2)

Free Georgia says Georgian wine makers meet with representatives of Russian Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection

Georgian wine makers have met with representatives of the Russian Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Monitoring, the Free Georgia party told InterpressNews.

The meeting was held on the initiative of the Georgian side on 19 October, the Free Georgia says.

‘Georgian wine makers, which are ready to export wine to Russia and representatives of the Russian Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection discussed issues concerning the quality and safety of products. Action plans for the future were also devised at the meeting’, the Free Georgia party says.

Russian Chief Sanitarian Gennady Onishenko talked about a planned meeting with Georgian wine makers a few days ago. Now departed Georgian Agriculture Minister Baku Kvezereli then made the following brief comment on the issue: "Do not listen to Onishenko!" (Interpressnews)

International Automobile Exhibition to be Held In Tbilisi

In Tbilisi the seventh international automobile exhibition "Tbilisi Auto Show 2011" will be held at the exhibition center "Expo-Georgia" from 21 to 23 October.

A wide range of cars and trucks, spare parts and accessories – tires, batteries, shock absorbers, filters, and oil will be presented at the exhibition.

According to the center, consumers can purchase a product at the company's stand Yamato, buyers will get 50% discount coupons on the company’s products and a 20% discount on services, which they will be able to use throughout the year.

Visitors can get acquainted with new services and car companies, as well as personally experience new technology. (Prime-News)

Georgian Railway Starts Upgrading Stations

All central railway stations in Georgia will be equipped according to modern standards. The head of the press service "Georgian Railway" Irma Stepnadze reported.

According to her, all central stations will be upgraded all over the country.

In addition, information centers will be located in all stations. As noted by Stepnadze, the project is in the process of being finalized.

According to her, "GR" has gained five new and modern trains, which will be in operation in 2012, and will replace the old ones. (Prime-News)