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Do you think a ministers’ cabinet reshuffle brings any positive changes for each ministry’s field?

Friday, October 21
"Well, it depends on the minister, if he is a qualified one his dismissal would be negatively reflected in the ministry's activities, however, if he lacks experience and did not do anything positive for development, he must leave the post, however the new one should be appointed based on experience, sufficient education and skills in this field."
Tamta, Teacher, 24

"It is difficult to say, as this is a specific issue and saying something beforehand is difficult. This is the issue, some say that it should be welcomed as a new face will come with new initiatives and others might say that the former guy was better."
Revaz , Bank Employee, 21

"No, it will not change anything, as nothing is changed basically due to this step. It's just nonsense and nothing more."
Nino, Language specialist, 23

“I think our government is unable to select the relevant candidates for particular positions and the constant reshuffle simply emphasizes this.”
Nodar, Economist, 28

“I wish each of our ministers were representatives of the field he or she is heading. None of our current ministers, unfortunately, knows anything about the sector they are trying to promote.”
Ia, Manager, 36

“The reshuffle is quite an interesting solution to particular problems because it gives an opportunity to judge someone else for your own mistakes. If the educational system has any problems – it’s the former minister’s fault, or if we have bad harvest – it’s also the former administration’s mistake. I think such an approach won’t bring real results to our country, it's so easy to appoint professionals for each position and the possibility of causing public anger has become so low.”
Beka, Architect, 48