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Monday, October 24
Nuts price to increase

Price on nuts is increasing rapidly. In western Georgia 1 kg of nuts costs GEL 3.80. according to the released information before the end of this year its price will reach GEL 5, Rezonansi writes. It is also noteworthy that compared to the last year the export of nuts from Georgia increased.

The major destinations of Georgian nuts are European countries, accordingly demand on nuts is increasing every year worldwide by 2%. Georgia had a good harvest of nuts this year, however the distribution on Georgian market is very small, almost 90% of the harvest is sent to Europe as well as to CIS countries.

Tugushi and Shashkin signed a memorandum

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia-Dimitri Shashkin and Public Defender –Giorgi Tughushi signed a collaboration memorandum between the Ministry, Public Defender and National Minority Council, 24 Hours reports.

The memorandum will facilitate civil integration of national minorities’ and protection of their rights. The aforementioned document will serve as a warrant for systematic collaboration between the Ministry, Public Defender and National Minority Council.

The MES has been implementing important projects in respect with integration of national minorities. One of the projects is “Georgian language for future success”, which was presented in the framework of the event. The project implies enhanced teaching of the official language.