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What kind of small business would you develop if you have enough money?

Monday, October 24
“I’m very much interested in cinematography thus I would invest money in developing Georgian cinematography and take the first film myself.”
Tornike, Producer, 27

“I would have a private school, art-gallery for exhibitions and most of all a lovely bar.”
Tamta, Sociologist, 24

“I do not want to have my own business and I prefer to have a good job at someone else’s business place. It is a big responsibility and I think I would not be a good manager. Despite of this I do not think someone has a successful business in our country if you are not a person liked by our government.”
Shalva, sportsman, 28

“If I had a sufficient amount of money I would develop a fast food business, it is more or less stable in Georgia and I think it is profitable.”
Kakha, student, 20

“I would open a birthday party centre for kids, where I would offer my customers various programs and cartoon heroes. I love kids so much in general that I would also participate in their happy moments. Also, I think that people prefer to go to such centres rather than be at home, because this is sometimes not affordable. So I am sure this would be a successful business.”
Sophie, teacher, 36

“I think Georgia doesn’t lack handmade artisan goods entrepreneurs but there are still lots of things we have to encourage in our country. Thus I would open a handmade accessory shop registered in my name and offer my friends and tourists rings, bracelets, ear-rings, all around the country and even maybe abroad.”
Tamuna, Painter, 19

“According to my profession I would open a computer learning centre where I would offer the best quality service to learners. Besides, I would have a food store and also a bakery. Everyone needs to eat and that is why I am sure food related business would run well.”
Sandro, IT Specialist, 36

“I would open a flower shop and all kinds of flowers would be available there. Also, if I have more money I would expand my business and open a beauty salon. I think those are most popular small and medium sized businesses in Georgia but very often neither flower shops nor beauty salons offer good quality services in our city.”
Keti, translator, 25

“I`d like to open a cafe or a restaurant in a region where there is a low risk of competitors and guaranteed income. Also, I think it is the best option because of less stringent laws against this business, I mean fewer requirements for its production.”
Iako, Journalist, 22

“I wish I had enough money for opening a literature cafe where I would gather admirers of poetry and fiction, read the stories aloud and discuss the characters with a cup of tea or coffee with pleasant music playing.”
Mariam, Student, 20