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Tuesday, October 25
Georgian President Expresses Condolences on Turkey`s Tragedy

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has expressed his deepest condolences on the death of several hundreds of people in Sunday`s earthquake in Turkey. The letter of condolence was published on the president`s official website today.

`On behalf of the Georgian people, Mikheil Saakashvili expresses his deepest condolence to the government of Turkey, the Turkish people and the families of the dead and missing,` says the letter.

In it, the administration of the president says that the Georgian side is prepared to assist a brother nation as in such critical situations, the assistance of friends is very important.

The Messenger also extends its deepest sympathies to the Turkish people during these difficult times.
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Democratic development of Georgia depends on future elections - John Bass

The fundamental democratic development of Georgia and the deepening of democratic structures depends on future elections, US Ambassador John Bass said on a political talk-show on the Public Broadcaster on Sunday.

According to the US Ambassador, both parliamentary and presidential elections are important in this regard. The election process should be conducted in a democratic environment and a lot of steps need to be made for this.

‘Information availability should be ensured. Citizens should be able to draw conclusions themselves. Parties should be able to act in a competitive environment, and elections should be conducted justly’, Bass said.

To the journalists’ question whether he feels any steps are palpable in this direction, the ambassador replied: ‘yes, though I want to see more’.

‘We are observing the Venice Commission’s evaluation about the amendments to the Election Code. It is important to continue working in this direction’, Bass said.

Georgian sailors alive in Somali

Georgian sailors seized along with the crew of the Maltese tanker MV Olib G in Somali 410 days ago, are probably alive. To provide proof of life and the condition of the crew, the pirates provided Somalia Report with exclusive photos, on which families have identified one of the Georgian sailors - Irakli Jikidze from Batumi. The photo is of a very low quality and therefore, other families failed to identify their relatives on it.

After publishing these photos, Somali pirates demanded USD $9 Million. The tanker MV Olib G was under the management of Athens-based Frio Ventures SA, a company forced into liquidation in February of this year and unable to front a ransom for the vessel’s release.
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Norwegian Interest in Hydroelectric Projects in Adjara

The Norwegian company "Clean Energy" is going to implement investments in an Adjara hydropower project. The company received a license to develop the capacity of the River Ajaristskhali, winning a tender. They are talking about the construction of six hydro electric stations in Khulo and elsewhere.

According to the Deputy Minister of Energy of Ajara Temur Gabaidze, the aim of the project is to ensure Georgia gets updated energy supplies. For this purpose, the company would invest 1 billion dollars of investment and will work through the year 2012. Under the terms of the license, the company will remain in Georgia for 30-40 years.
(Prime News)

James Apathurai to visit Georgia on October 27

The Personal Representative of the NATO Secretary General for the South Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai will visit Georgia on October 27, 2011 - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze announced at a briefing Monday.

Kalandadze said the visit confirms NATO`s political support for Georgia and its firm position towards Georgia.

Appathurai will hold meetings with Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri, Vice PM Giorgi Baramidze, National Security Secretary Giga Bokeria and the defense ministry authorities. The sides will discuss all issues tied with Georgia`s integration into the alliance.
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Harmful products found in Tbilisi and Kutaisi supermarkets

Representatives of the Consumer Rights Federation discovered proteus bacterium in 11 out of 20 meat product samples taken from the supermarkets in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

Some of the products, which have been already marked as low quality have no inscription of production or expiry dates, nor the factory where the product was made. These included products made by Zeikidze Plus, Ekomyth ltd, Ukrainian Suth, Akhali Nobati, Rustavi ltd and Bakalea Gastronomia ltds.

These products were sold at supermarkets in improper conditions, without the protection of hygienic norms, but, unfortunately, these products were sold well due to low price.

The meat products by Ioli, Nikora, Kavkasia +, Leader Food, Forward, German Butcher, Onima and Shaori met the required standards according to the laboratory analysis.
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